Poker travel

This past week or more CPC was on. I was interested in the cash games because the schedule seemed hold’em heavy. When playing the cash I realized that the games were juicier full of gamble and much looser than regular days. Being I won a good amount and wanted it to not end, I’ve decided […]

Last night’s PLO 

MTT. CPC. $400. 27 left. 15 paid. Started with 128. Playing down to 10. I’m card dead for 4 hours. We move to 3 tables. One of my tablemates joins me on the right.  He opens I call another (2 to my left) calls. I hold J♥️J♠️9♥️8♠️. Flop comes 6♥️4♣️10♥️. He checks, I try to […]

MSPT Regional

I get it in with KK vs 55 vs AQ. Flop comes low turn Ace. Out. 1 level left  Day 1B I play till 2 levels left. Get TT on the button and I shove into an utg limper. Stupid me. 

PLO finals

I stopped playing PLO because the swings are unfun and the bankroll needed is large  Naturally I got my money in good I’m finished trying, MTT’s seem better playfun 

Return PLO

I played PLO for the first time in months today. I was tired of grinding tourneys and a friend of mine wanted to come and see. We played 1/2-5 and cruhed for 2 hours, $800 profit. It was a good return and I may see if I can keep it alive.


I’ve decided to spend some time playing multi table tourneys. I have not dedicated most efforts on tourneys before than I will now 

The bad beat

That may end my career.  I started w A589 double suited. The middle sycophant opened to $25. I called as well as 4 others. The flop comes 996 rainbow. It checks to the button (me) I conceptually bet the pot. ($125 into $140) The 3 seat , one off the button snap raises to $300 […]